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Robert Carreon, RNLAC+USC Trauma service has a very active Injury Prevention Program headed by Robert Carreon, RN. Programs are geared towards community needs and the hospital's highest mechanisms of injury as demonstrated by trauma registry data. The Injury Prevention Program at LAC+USC Medical Center is dedicated to preventing injuries and deaths. Some of our programs include:

Falls Prevention
The number of injuries due to falls has dramatically risen, and the number of hospitalizations and ER visits have almost doubled in recent years. In collaboration with our Geriatric Clinic and Discharge waiting unit, our Falls Prevention Program has specifically targeted at-risk populations and educated them on home safety, medication review and safety, proper balance and exercise to further decrease the number of falls.

Safe Kids
Safe Kids is a network of organizations that participates in events with a mission to prevent accidental injuries and deaths of children. LAC+USC is the lead agency for the Los Angeles Coalition and raises awareness of potential accidental injuries and ways to prevent them. Our goals include serving as a local resource for childhood injury prevention and working together with agencies, groups, and individuals to prevent and reduce injuries of children ages 14 and under. Coalition members are health care, law enforcement, fire, and safety technicians who provide their expertise in teaching families in our community. http://www.safekids.org/

Distracted Driving
One of the leading causes of injuries is related to motor vehicles. Distracted driving is the leading cause of death among teen drivers. Our Distracted Driving program, partnered with The California Highway Patrol and Impact Teen Drivers, have educated the teens and their families on how to prevent and avoid injuries and make better life choices and decisions before getting behind the wheel.

Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD)
This program was developed to establish safe areas in the community with a high level of gang crime where youth and their parents can receive unconditional support, services, and counseling. The Mayor of Los Angeles created this program in an attempt to reduce gang violence and diffuse tensions in the community after a violent incident occurs in the community. LAC + USC will provide certain individuals with services needed and also a secure and safe environment for them and their families.

Think First
Each year an estimated 1.7 million persons in the United States sustain a brain injury and thousands more sustain a spinal cord injury. It is the leading cause of death among people ages 1 to 44. Think First’s mission is to prevent brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries through education, research and advocacy. Think First is an evidence-based, theory-based injury prevention program for elementary and high school grade levels. Its educational programs are aimed at helping people especially high risk children, teens and young adults learn to reduce their risk of injury. Compelling presentations explain how an injury can change a person’s life forever.  With the simple message use your mind to protect your body and to “think first”. Thousands of students are learning and many presentations are done to raise awareness on preventing injuries.

Hospital and Morgue
The hospital and morgue program is a program in accordance with the California Justice system wherein DUI and reckless driving offenders are required to take a two part program as an alternative to a DUI sentence which often means serving time in jail. The first part is an eight hour class session intended to educate the probationer about the effect of DUI and alcohol in general and offers advice on how to make lifestyle changes. The second part is a 4 hour trip to the LA County Morgue where deceased bodies are stored examined and processed. This component educates on the fatal consequences of risky behavior. A 500 word essay on what was learned during the program is the final requirement to completing the program. The  program has demonstrated a recidivism rate of below 3% for participants that have completed the program. 

Marita Baghdasarian

Marita Baghdasarian
Trauma Program Office Administrative Support
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