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USC Cancer Surgeons
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Areas of Expertise

Colorectal Surgery
Colon and rectal carcinoma is important focus of the division of colorectal surgery. We offer highly specialized workup for colorectal cancer to accurately stage the extent of the tumor. Rectal ultrasonography and MRI imaging allow precise preoperative evaluation of tumor size and depth of penetration of the tumor and an assessment of lymph node involvement. A newer technology recently acquired by USC, a rectal MRI coil, may allow even better imaging of the tumor and nodes and is routinely employed in the evaluation of rectal cancer. More...

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery
The Keck Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery offer a comprehensive multi-disciplinary program in pancreas, bile duct and liver cancers. Our team which includes medical oncologists, liver and pancreatic surgeons, radiologists and radiation oncologists offer state of the art treatment including neoadjuvant chemotherapy, Gamma knife radiation, minimally invasive surgical removal of liver and pancreas tumors, complex surgeries to remove tumors that are adherent to blood vessels and clinical protocols for patients with advance pancreas and liver cancers. More...

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery to treat Gastric and Esophageal Cancer
Esophageal and gastric cancers are treatable cancers. The standard of care for esophageal and gastric cancer is surgical removal of the tumor with dissection of lymph node tissue around the surrounding structures. The surgeons remove potential tumor spread to maximize the chance of cure. If cancer has not spread beyond the site of origin removing the tumor may be able to cure the cancer. More...

Breast and Reconstructive Surgery
We are leaders in the treatment of breast cancer. Proper breast care begins with baseline screening for normal, healthy women starting at age 40 – even earlier for women who have a family history of breast disease and other risk factors. In addition to baseline screenings, our Cancer Genetics Unit provides a multidisciplinary approach to risk assessment, genetic testing and management of familial breast cancer. More...

Lung Cancer and Thoracic Surgery
The Lung Cancer Program at USC offers the most advanced technology presently available in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. The expertise offered at USC is not readily available elsewhere in Southern California. Among the comprehensive diagnostic services we provide: Lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals using low-dose CT scans, CT-guided core needle biopsy of lung tumors, electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy or superDimension® for biopsy of lung nodules and Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) for incisionless biopsy of lymph nodes. More...



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USC Cancer Surgeons
Keck Medical Center of USC
Healthcare Consultation Center 1 (HCC1)
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