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USC Cancer Surgeons
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Breast and Reconstructive Surgery

For more information, visit USC Multidisciplinary Breast Center

We are leaders in the treatment of breast cancer. Proper breast care begins with baseline screening for normal, healthy women starting at age 40 – even earlier for women who have a family history of breast disease and other risk factors. In addition to baseline screenings, our Cancer Genetics Unit provides a multidisciplinary approach to risk assessment, genetic testing and management of familial breast cancer. We make a variety of important resources available to your patients, focusing on the well-being of both body and spirit, according to your patients’ individual needs.

We use the latest technology for breast screening. We offer digital mammography, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, and now a 3-D screening called breast tomosynthesis.  With this high-powered imaging, details and harder-to-see areas are now visible, so this will help in discovering small cancers or rule out "false positives."

We offer treatment planning for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, first or second opinion and, immediate access to all sub-specialists needed for your patients’ care. These specialists include, surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, pathology, clinical trials, genetic counseling, lymphedema precautions, evaluation and therapy, social worker evaluations and guidance, and breast cancer support group.

Our entire team of specialists will review your case during our weekly Breast Center Conference, in which all cases are evaluated, discussed, and individual treatment recommendations are developed based on your tumor’s characteristics.




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USC Cancer Surgeons
Keck Medical Center of USC
Healthcare Consultation Center 1 (HCC1)
1510 San Pablo Street, Suite 428
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Phone: (855) 724-7874

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