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Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery to treat Gastric and Esophageal Cancer

For more information, visit USC Upper G.I. Surgery

Esophageal and gastric cancers are treatable cancers. The standard of care for esophageal and gastric cancer is surgical removal of the tumor with dissection of lymph node tissue around the surrounding structures. The surgeons remove potential tumor spread to maximize the chance of cure. If cancer has not spread beyond the site of origin removing the tumor may be able to cure the cancer. 

USC is a high-volume referral center offering Robotic and Laparoscopic Esophagectomy and Gastrectomy, which results in less scarring and discomfort, as well as a faster recovery time for the patient.  Not only does USC have one of the highest volumes and expertise for these surgeries but also the lowest morbidity and mortality rates.

Surgery can also be recommended as a palliative measure to ease pain and help reduce symptoms including trouble with swallowing making it easier for the patient to eat and maintain a healthy diet while having systemic therapy.

Dr. John Lipham has been the principal investigator during the clinical trial of the LINX System to treat GERD and prevent esophageal cancers. The device is implanted laparoscopically during a 15-20 minute outpatient surgery. The LINX System is designed to help the sphincter stay closed to stop the reflux. It uses a small, flexible band of beads. Each bead has a magnet inside. When placed around the outside of the esophagus, the magnetic attraction between the beads helps the sphincter stay closed to prevent reflux.



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USC Cancer Surgeons
Keck Medical Center of USC
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