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Doctor checking up on patient in hospital room.Lung Surgery Patient Guide

Discharge Planning

Returning Home

Getting discharged from the hospital is usually a great relief but can sometimes cause some anxiety. Be assured that we would not discharge you unless we were confident in your progress and felt that you were physically able to return home.

When you leave the hospital you should already have an appointment made for you to see the surgeon in his office. If you do not, please call the surgeon's office immediately to make an appointment for 1-2 weeks. When you have your follow up appointment, your surgeon will want to look at a chest x-ray film to see how your lungs are doing. Call the surgeon's office to make arrangements for obtaining x-rays before your appointment.

Convalescence at home usually takes four to six weeks depending on your condition before surgery. Minor aches and pains are normal in the first few weeks following surgery. If you are too uncomfortable to exercise, take your prescribed pain pills as directed 30 minutes to one hour before activity.

Finding Out the Biopsy Results

At your first office visit, your surgeon will discuss the results of the lung surgery with you. The biopsy results may take anywhere from 6-8 days to obtain. The biopsy is the first step toward a diagnosis. Your surgeon will discuss whether or not further treatment is needed at your office visit.

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