The surgeons in the center specialize in advanced laparoscopic surgery. Advance laparoscopic surgery has provided an opportunity to offer this procedure to many patients who previously would have required large open incision for correction of their surgical problems. Advance laparoscopic techniques require a high degree of skill in laparoscopic surgery and should be performed in centers that do a high volume of these procedures.

Some of the procedures that are offered at USC include:

Laparoscopic splenectomy: In this procedure the spleen is removed by laparoscopic techniques. We offer this procedure to patients with small and large spleens. Removal of the spleen is sometime indicated in patients who have a complication of chronic pancreatitis called left sided portal hypertension. In this complication the inflammation from chronic pancreatitis blocks the splenic vein (a blood vessel that drains the blood from the spleen). This causes abnormal blood vessels that grow in the wall of the stomach.

Patients with left sided portal hypertension often present with recurrent episodes of bleeding from these large abnormal blood vessels in the stomach. The hemorrhage can be life threatening. The treatment of choice for this condition is removal of the spleen preferably by laparoscopic techniques.

Removal of retroperitoneal tumors: These tumors grow deep in the abdomen in areas called retroperitoneal area. Retroperitoneal tumors can often reach a large size. In selected patients with small or moderate size tumors we offer laparoscopic removal of the tumor. Utilizing specialized techniques that incorporate a hand-access device, the tumors can be completely removed without fracturing the tumor.

Stomach leiomyoma and leiomyosarcoma: These tumors arise from the wall of the stomach and they grow outside of the stomach with a very small attachment to the stomach. These tumors are easily removed by laparoscopic techniques and the stomach wall is then repaired by a laparoscopic suturing technique.

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