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Training Centers

Cadaver Lab

Dr. Garner's lab has a special interest in the type IV collagenase, matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9). This protein is known to be involved in keratinocyte migration during wound healing and has been found to be elevated in chronic wound environments. One recent publication evaluated the effect of exogenous MMP-9 on a murine wound model (Reiss, et al). A recent submission by Goldberg, et al examined the effects of MMP-9 and its proenzyme, proMMP-9, on cellular spreading, attachment, migration, and signaling. Another recent submission by Grimm, et al looked at the phenomenon of epithelial-mesenchymal transition that is known to occur during embryogenesis and is now believed to occur at deep epithelial ridges during wound healing. Current work by Travis, et al is looking at characteristics of wound healing in a human skin model engineered with keratinocytes that overproduce MMP-9 embedded in a dermal regeneration matrix. This line of work has also been examining the migration qualities of MMP-9-producing keratinocytes compared to normal human keratinocytes as well as their response to hyperglycemic conditions. Collaborator Yuan-Ping Han is interested in MMP-9 related to liver studies.


Surgical Skills Center

The USC Surgical Skills Training and Education Center is a state-of-the-art educational facility that provides the ideal environment to teach fundamental and advanced technical skills and procedures. Based on the philosophy that skills are better learned when afforded the opportunity for deliberate practice in a controlled environment, our Center has become the premier location in Southern California for Surgical Skills Training.

Surgery roomThe Mission of the Center is to provide a simulated environment where students, residents, and practicing physicians can learn and hone their technical skills prior to performing procedures on a patient. Traditionally, these skills have been taught at the bedside or in the operating room on real patients. With the explosion of recent technology and simulation models, the rising cost and unavailability of operating room time, the increasing complexity of procedures and devices, the risk associated with practicing procedures on real patients, and the economic and developmental pressures to limit the length of training, medical and surgical educators are forced to "re-think" the traditional ways of training current and future physicians.

Surgery roomThe Center has the facilities and equipment needed to provide a comprehensive approach to surgical education. It is comprised of a Technical Skills Laboratory and a Simulation Suite. The Laboratory is equipped with eight tables and is capable of handling approximately 24 trainees at a time for educational and training sessions. The Simulation Laboratory houses two METI simulators that are used extensively by the Navy and other programs to practice a team approach to patient care. The entire facility is supported by a state-of-the-art audio-visual system designed by Stryker Communications and has teleconferencing capabilities.

The Center has an established curriculum that has become an integral component of the Surgical Resident Training Program. "Intern Boot camp" is a program for incoming surgical interns that provide them with the surgical skills that they will require during their first year of training. Subsequent to this course, PGY 2-4 resident participate in a curriculum that encompasses training modules specific to each surgical discipline. In addition to resident training, the Center holds several workshops aimed at teaching medical students basic procedural skills and holds several industry sponsored CME courses.

The USC Surgical Skills and Education Center provides the ideal environment to teach and evaluate procedural and technical skills for all disciplines. If you are interested in using the Center please contact us for a tour of the facilities.


Microsurgical Lab

The Microsurgical Training and Research Center of the University of Southern California is located at the Skills Center at 2250 Alcazar Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033, Room B. We offer a comprehensive Microsurgical Techniques course to any resident, fellow and physician or physician assistant. The purpose of the course is "to lay the foundation of the principal skills that make up good microsurgical technique". Instruction is by an experienced and highly skilled microsurgeon, Dr. Zhao Zhou. You will be scheduled for the one week course and notified through the Residency Coordinator.

Course Design

Basic Instruction (40 hours)

  1. "Dry" Instruction (8 hours)
    1. The use and maintenance of the operation of the microscope and microsurgery instruments.
    2. The use of videotapes and practice of microsuturing and microtying techniques on silastic material under the operating microscope.
  2. Instruction in atraumatic technique for microvascular anastomosis in rats (32 hours)
    1. End to end anastomosis (16 hours)
      1. artery – 8 hours, 1mm in diameter – 0.5mm in diameter
      2. vein – 8 hours, 1.2mm in diameter – 0.7mm in diameter
    2. End to side anastomosis (8 hours)
      1. superficial femoral artery – common femoral artery
      2. epigastric artery – common femoral artery
      3. epigastric vein – common femoral vein























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