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Surgical Skills Simulation and Education Center
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Intern Procedural Curriculum

The purpose of the PGY-I curriculum is to provide interns with the basic essentials needed to enter the clinical realm of surgery. These sessions have been designed to give hands on experience with basic surgical skills. Last years sample schedule is below. Summer School for the Interns was the first educational program in the Skills Center beginning in the Summer of 2001.

Course Topic

  • Surgical Biopsy, Incision & Drainage
  • Tubes, Drains, & Airway Management
  • Suture Technique
  • Basic Laparoscopy
  • Imaging
  • Bowel Anastomosis
  • Central and Arterial Line

The America College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS) has introduced a Surgical Skills Curriculum for Residents. The curriculum is comprised of 20 modules meant to expose surgical residents to basic surgical skills. This curriculum is taught primarily at the Technical Skills lab; though, the Fresh Tissue Simulation Lab, and the Animate lab also are used when exposure to tissue is of high value.  A thorough evaluative process is in place to assess the ongoing needs of the surgical residents. When needed, new modules and modalities are developed and applied to ensure exposure to a broad range of procedures and to develop technical skills.

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