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Surgical Skills Simulation and Education Center
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Increasing the role of simulation

Simulators are changing the process in which surgeons are being educated, taught the acquisition of skills, and trained in surgical procedures. We have acquired four simulators for our center and have developed three additional simulators to impart the changing curriculum and enable a focus towards team training:

  • Endoscopy Simulator (bronchoscopy, EGD, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy)
  • Symbionix Lap Mentor
  • Symbionix Lap Mentor Express
  • The Beating Heart Simulator
  • The Minimally Invasive Cardiac Simulator
  • Hybrid Laparoscopic Simulator
  • Critical Care, ECMO and VAD Simulator

We believe that these tools will have an increasing role in surgical and critical care training. We plan on making simulators a more prominent aspect of our surgical training.



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Surgical Skills Simulation
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