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USC Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Program

Revision of weight loss surgery


Revisional surgery or a revision of weight-loss surgery, is done on a patient who underwent weight-loss surgery, including Lap band, duodenal switch, sleeve and gastric bypass, that may be experiencing a variety of symptoms or complications after the operation. Some of the symptoms go away with simple medical measures, but others will persist and become even worse over time, while severely impacting one's life. These symptoms can include, vomitting, heartburn and chest pain, regurgitation of food, constant abdominal pain, stomach and intestinal ulcers and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Other symptoms can include excessive weight-loss and inability to maintain a stable and reasonable weight, poor or no weight-loss, and even weight regain. Major vitamin and protein deficiency could be another cause for concern.

For example of complications, please visit our Complications page.

USC Center

At the Keck Medical Center of USC, we have acquired a substantial amount of experience in the management of weight-loss surgery and its complex situation. Some of the revisions done, such as the transformation of a failed Lap band into a more effective procedure, can be done laparoscopically. We have been pleased to witness some excellent results in these specific cases.

Risks and Benefits

Each revisional surgery requires revision of the initial bariatric operation, which are complex and require a thorough clinical evaluation with appropriate testing and dietary assessment. Revisional surgery, especially in the more extreme cases, has a higher complication rate than with the primary procedure. Patients are instructed to be in close contact with the medical team, as safety is our most important priority.


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