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Endocrine Surgery

Pediatric, Adolescents and Young Adult Surgery
for Endocrine Tumors

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Adolescents and Young Adult Surgery for Endocrine Tumors
Frequently asked questions

  • What is AYA?
    • Describes cancers among Adolescents and Young Adult population ages 15 – 39
    • Currently  65,000 – 70,000 AYA cancers diagnosed each year in the US
    • Thyroid cancer one of the top 5 AYA cancers
    • Numbers are increasing

  • What are some of the challenges and unique needs of AYA cancers & patients?
    • Life transitions
      • Shifts in family and peer groups
      • Changing and evolving sexual health and relationships
      • Growing independence
      • Highly mobile population
      • New found Independence, self awareness, and feelings of invincibility and invulnerability
    • Reduced adherence to treatment & follow-up
    • Challenges in communication
      • AYA – family
      • AYA – physician
      • AYA – peers
      • Family - physician
    • Unique needs
      • Disruptions in education, employment, and social life
      • Questions about future fertility
      • Establishing financial independence
      • Navigating the health care system
      • Very premature confrontation with mortality
      • Changes in physical appearance
      • “Long-term follow-up” is really long-term
      • Pregnant or a new  parent
    • Survivorship – AYA cancer survivors will hopefully have a LONG life of follow-up

  • Does USC/CHLA have an AYA program?
    Program to launch July 2012
    • USC/CHLA will have the largest AYA program in Southern California
    • USC’s program will be the only NCI designated comprehensive cancer center  with an AYA program in California and the Southwestern US

  • What special resources do I have access to if I am an AYA patient treated for thyroid cancer at USC?
    • There will be a nurse coordinator that will help perform an intake evaluation and direct you to any appropriate resources. These may include but are not limited to
      • Fertility Planning and Preservation                   
      • Pain and Symptoms Management        
      • Genetic Testing and Counseling
      • Diet and Nutrition Counseling   
      • Anxiety / Depression Counseling           
      • Relationship, Family/Child Counseling  
      • Employment Counseling                        
      • Financial and/or Insurance Counseling 
      • Legal counseling                                    
      • AYA Interest Group/External Resources                
    • Please see AYA website for further information

  • What is special about AYA thyroid cancers?
    • Mean age at presentation for all thyroid cancers is 3rd decade (AYA)
    • Younger patients (<20) (AYA) present with more extensive disease
    • ONLY cancer where age (< 45) is part of staging!! (AYA)  - most AYA thyroid cancer patients are classified as having Stage I disease
    • Excellent overall survival

  • I am an AYA patients and I have….
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