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Gastroparesis Institute of USC

Surgical Treatment for Gastroparesis

The gastric electrical stimulator is an effective treatment for medically refractory gastroparesis.

Other surgical options are a laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy. This option should also be considered as one of the primary surgical treatments for gastroparesis given the significantly higher rate of symptomatic improvement.

The laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy has the benefits of the minimal invasive approach, by removing large parts of the diseased stomach, including the antrum of the stomach, but leaving behind a large enough stomach to have an excellent quality of life. The removal of the diseased stomach helps the improvement of decreased nausea and vomiting after surgery.

Furthermore, the gastric stimulator patients who have no improvement of symptoms can be successfully treated by laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy.

A feeding tube into the small bowel might be indicated if the patient is severely malnourished, as well as to bridge the time after surgery until the benefits of the surgery and improvement of symptoms start working.

At the USC Gastroparesis Institute, a team of gastroenterologists, surgeons, dieticians and nurses will assess each individual patient's situation and adjust the ideal medical or surgical treatment of gastroparesis.



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