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Patient Stories & Case Studies

  • Patient Focus: Zen and the Art of Stent-Grafting
    Davis’s health problems actually began in late 1998, when he underwent gall bladder and hernia surgeries. At the time, he didn’t know that he had cirrhosis of the liver—the disease had progressed, as it often does in its early stages, asymptomatically. But the general anesthesia from the operation changed all that—it exacerbated his liver problems, and in early 1999 his liver started to fail. More...
  • Defusing the Bomb: Hank Madaloni
    When Hank Madaloni’s disturbingly large aneurysm was detected, his community-based specialists were alarmed. Because of his history of heart attacks, the sort of major surgery normally required to defuse an AAA was risky. He was warned that one false move—literally—could cause the aneurysm to burst. Indeed, Madaloni recalls, all the doctors could recommend was for him to “get his house in order” and not exert himself in any way. Madaloni, normally a very active man, was reduced to sitting around the house, “waiting for the bomb to go off,” he says. For the first time in his medically complicated life, he began to think that the end was near. More...
  • Avoiding Amputation and Saving a Leg: George E. Husk
    George E. Husk, 82, of Huntington Beach, has had quite the life. For many years, he worked in construction both overseas and here in the States. He also found time to get married to Victoria in 1951, and they are both proud of their three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. More...
  • They gave us back our Mom: Antonia S. Rubalcaba
    Antonia S. Rubalcaba personifies everyone’s vision of the perfect mother. Her daughter, Grace, recalls many happy memories growing up in Los Angeles. “My mother, who is 77, was born in El Paso, Texas and came to California in 1953,” Grace says. “My father, Miguel, who passed away in 1992, and my mother were married for 43 years, and he was the head waiter at Ernie Jr’s Taco House. More...
  • Case Study: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
    A 75-year-old man presented with an asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysm that had been initially discovered on a CT scan five years previously. The CT had been done in conjunction with an evaluation for prostate cancer that had been discovered in 1988 and for which he had undergone operative resection. The aneurysm was 3.4 cm in diameter when first discovered, and had grown to 6 cm in diameter on the most recent CT. More...


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